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Last year, in 2013, a documentary (Blackfish) was created that gave insight to the way marine animals, specifically Orca whales, have displayed acts of violence and aggression towards their trainers and others in Seaworld. These animals, while not volatile by nature, have grown upset and frustrated due to being kept in captivity for such long periods of time, and display moments of outrage and anger when they’ve finally been pushed to their limits. People have been killed and seriously injured by the Orcas and Seaworld, who are very much aware of this, continue to leave the animals in confinement and pass it off as the fault of the trainers, when in reality, it is because these poor creatures should be released into the wild. 
So what I’d like to ask each of you to do, is something very simple. 
Log into your email.
Compose a new message. 
Type “Please free the orcas.” 
Send it to these three email addresses:,, and
Do not bash them, do not use terrible language, and do not harass, but ask them to please, please, please free these whales. 
SIGN THIS!!!! Tilikum may only be one whale but he is better than none.
If you are willing to do more than to just email each location respectively, you can send in mail to the corporate office, which would help much more. 
Please do this. Spread the word. Watch the documentary and learn about this and allow others to see how vile and terrible this situation is. 
Free the Orcas. 
The image located above is not mine and I receive no money by using it nor do I receive profit for promoting blackfish. 




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